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I recently posted about changes that I needed to make to my Apache configuration files to get my custom virtual hosts settings working again, after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.8, aka Mountain Lion. In addition to those changes, I’ve also discovered that the update removed my JRun server settings from the httpd.conf file, making it impossible to start my local Adobe Coldfusion server.

These settings are added by the ColdFusion installer to setup JRun to correctly load the ColdFusion server instance. All you need to do is to put the settings back in the file and CF will start up again. However, I decided to put these settings into their own file so future Mac OS X updates will not remove them (although a future CF update would put new settings directly into the conf file again).

To get this done, follow these steps:

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After updating my Macs to Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), I discovered that Apple removed the “Web Sharing” option from the “Sharing control panel. This option essentially turns your local copy of Apache on or off. While this change didn’t happen to make Apple’s list of “200+ New Features” of Mountain Lion, they do at least discuss the change briefly in a Tech Note entitled “OS X Mountain Lion: Options for web sharing”.

In addition to removing the GUI control for Apache, some other configurations now prevent Apache from loading custom virtual hosts and SSL settings by default. As a developer who works locally, I had several, so when my local sites didn’t load, I was initially a little concerned. However, after some tinkering and Googling, I have managed to get my sites up and running again. Here’s what I did:

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I recently needed to verify that a user’s input was a valid US social security number.  Initially, I thought it was just a simple task of verifying 3 digits, a dash, 2 numbers, another dash, and finally 4 numbers.  However, as I started reading online, I realized that each block of numbers has a significance (which I assumed) and more importantly to my task, that they have specific numeric ranges.

If you want to read the details of the format then see the links at the bottom of the post.  The gist is that as of June 25, 2011, a valid social security number needs to follow the following guidelines: View full article »

Knowledge is Power

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Pretty interesting article about how current technology, especially the Apple iPad, is helping baseball players keep up with the industry, track stats, improve their game and better prepare for their competition. Read More