3.25 inch Floppy Disk

Yesterday, a co-worker brought me a 3.25″ floppy disk and asked if my Macbook could open it (you know because Mac’s never update their storage tech!). As it turns out, I could open the disk, as I still have an old VST USB Floppy Drive lying around in a drawer at home. When he told me that the disk stored some ColdFusion code from an old project they worked on in 1996. I became very motivated to help out, mainly just wanting to see some of their old code.

Well, today I brought in my disk and we cracked open the file.  There wasn’t any code, but there was some old libraries, MAPIPOP and SMTPGATE (both Windows .exe files to add functionality to their old project) and a ColdFusion White Paper as an HTML file. Turns out it’s from Allaire and is a white paper on ColdFusion version 1.5!  Yes I said 1.5.  I thought it was pretty neat to see what they supported then and some of the code examples.  The link to the file is below.  None of the links work of course and none of the images were on the disk, so it’s sort of bare bones.  At any rate, I got a kick out of reading it.  Hope you will too!


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