My team at work uses Atlassian’s Jira┬« for tracking our bugs and other work tasks. We recently started tracking all of our time in Jira as well. It’s really easy to do. You enter in estimates for each issue, then “log work” against the issues as you work. If you also use the Eclipse plugin, Atlassian Connector, you can tag files or directories of files to log work anytime they are open and in focus. I’ll save that for another post.

To track non-project tasks, my team has issue tickets for all our “Administration” tasks, like staff meetings, trainings, management, etc. These are unassigned issues, and most of which don’t have estimates. We all just add our time to those open buckets and our manager runs reports on them for his needs.

For our vacation time we have a vacation issue with a sub-task for each employee. Each sub-task has an estimate of the total amount of vacation days we get in a year. That way, we can see how much time we have left as we bill against it.

I wanted a Jira filter that would show me all the unassigned Admin tickets I could bill time to, and just my vacation sub-task ticket (not everybody’s vacation sub-tasks). The simple filter controls don’t offer a way to filter by multiple users, in this case unassigned and my user id. However, Jira has its own Jira Query Language (JQL) that allows you to query the underlying database and get almost any data set you need.

So I started with a simple filter to pull all the Admin tasks, then switched over to advanced mode and updated the simple filter’s JQL to be:

project = ADM AND (assignee is EMPTY OR assignee = currentUser()) AND status = Open ORDER BY priority DESC

This works great and we have one filter that everybody can use because I used the currentUser() function to grab the time sub-task. If you wanted to specify your user id specifically you would just change “assignee = currentUser()” to “assignee = yourusername“.

Final filter showing all the Admin tasks and only my vacation task

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