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After updating my Macs to Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), I discovered that Apple removed the “Web Sharing” option from the “Sharing control panel. This option essentially turns your local copy of Apache on or off. While this change didn’t happen to make Apple’s list of “200+ New Features” of Mountain Lion, they do at least discuss the change briefly in a Tech Note entitled “OS X Mountain Lion: Options for web sharing”.

In addition to removing the GUI control for Apache, some other configurations now prevent Apache from loading custom virtual hosts and SSL settings by default. As a developer who works locally, I had several, so when my local sites didn’t load, I was initially a little concerned. However, after some tinkering and Googling, I have managed to get my sites up and running again. Here’s what I did:

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3.25 inch Floppy Disk

Yesterday, a co-worker brought me a 3.25″ floppy disk and asked if my Macbook could open it (you know because Mac’s never update their storage tech!). As it turns out, I could open the disk, as I still have an old VST USB Floppy Drive lying around in a drawer at home. When he told me that the disk stored some ColdFusion code from an old project they worked on in 1996. I became very motivated to help out, mainly just wanting to see some of their old code.

Well, today I brought in my disk and we cracked open the file.  There wasn’t any code, but there was some old libraries, MAPIPOP and SMTPGATE (both Windows .exe files to add functionality to their old project) and a ColdFusion White Paper as an HTML file. Turns out it’s from Allaire and is a white paper on ColdFusion version 1.5!  Yes I said 1.5.  I thought it was pretty neat to see what they supported then and some of the code examples.  The link to the file is below.  None of the links work of course and none of the images were on the disk, so it’s sort of bare bones.  At any rate, I got a kick out of reading it.  Hope you will too!


Apple World Wide Developer Conference BadgeUnless you live under a rock, then you probably heard that Apple Inc. announced the details of it’s next iPhone product, the iPhone 3Gs. Those details and others were announced today at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote address. In addition to the iPhone news, Apple also talked about the new features in it’s next operating system release, dubbed “Snow Leopard,” the details of the new iPhone operating system and the benefits to iPhone application developers, and finally some new news of laptop upgrades and price cuts.

While I sadly wasn’t at the event live in person, like many people I watched several live streaming feds on popular sites like MacRumors.com. I posted the highlights of the keynote speeches to my Twitter account. Below is a list of those highlights, dubbed the Keynote Key Notes:

  • Apple updates MacBook Air and drops price. MacBook Air is available in two models starting with the new entry price of $1,499 for a 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo system with a 120GB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics, and a 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo system with a 128GB solid state drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics for $1,799. The $1499 entry level price represents a $300 drop from before, while the $1799 model represents a $700 drop in price for the high end model. Meanwhile, the clock speeds have increased from 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz to 1.86GHz and 2.13GHz respectively.
  • Apple updated the 13″ Aluminum MacBook and rebrands it a MacBook Pro. the new model specs are: 13″ MacBook Pro. 2.26GHz. 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400. 160GB HD. Firewire for $1199 and 13″ MacBook Pro. 2.53GHz. 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400. 250GB HD. Firewire for $1499
  • Safari is 7.8X faster at JavaScript than IE8 (Chrome is only 5X faster). Passes Acid3 test
  • Built Expose into the Dock
  • Stacks handle lots of content better
  • Quicktime X player has a brand new interface (although a scary new Icon)
  • Snow Leopard adds full Exchange support to Mail, iCal, etc.
  • Snow Leopard will be a $29 upgrade for Leopard users
  • Snow Leopard FAMILY PACK will be a $49 upgrade for Leopard users
  • iPhone OS 3.0 is a major update with over 100 new features
  • Phone OS 3 has integrated copy paste between applications, undo support
  • Phone OS 3 has Cocoa Touch support for Text
  • Phone OS 3 adds MMS support from all carriers and soon from AT&T (personally I bet they are trying to negotiate it to be included in the plan)
  • iPhone OS 3 offers landscape mode in Mail/Notes/Messages
  • the new iPhone OS will include full Spotlight search across applications
  • iPhone applications now offer full parental controls. Application developers are encouraged to push out application updates with these controls enabled as needed.
  • iTunes users can now purchase movies, video, and iTunes U materials from the iPhone directly
  • The new iPhone will offer seamless tethering although it is not yet super clear how AT&T will implement / charge for those services
  • The iPhone’s version of Safari has better and faster Javascript support and HTML 5 support
  • The iPhone OS 3 offers tons of new languages support (Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Thai, etc)
  • MobileMe users can find their lost iPhone on a Google Map if they need to
  • If your iphone is lost or stolen, you can send it a remote wipe command that will delete all of your data w/ MobileMe
  • in-app purchases can now be made directly from the iPhone. An example app shown was a book store where you could order books all from the application
  • Peer to Peer connectivity via Bluetooth will enable things like head to head game play and many other new application ideas
  • The new iPhone OS opens up support for external hardware accessories. This was demonstrated with an application that allowed school students to scan images into the phone.
  • iPhone application developers can now include Google Maps technology directly within their applications
  • Apple Push messages will allow you to push alerts out to your users via their installed applications. You know how your mail app tells you how many messages it has with the little red dot? With the push messaging you will be able to add that to your own iPhone developed applications.
  • The iPhone OS 3.0 will be free to all iPhone users (3G and original). $9.99 for iTouch users. Available worldwide on June 17th.
  • The new iPhone has been branded iPhone 3Gs, the “s” being for Speed. It has a lot of speed enhancements for activities like downloading email, etc.
  • The new iPhone has entirely new insides; it sadly does not yet include a front facing camera
  • iPhone3G[s] supports OpenGL|ES 2.0 and 7.2Mbps HSPDA
  • iPhone3G[s] now has a 3 MP camera and can capture video as well as images
  • The new camera offers touch to focus technology so you can touch an area to have it focus better
  • The video captured can be edited right on the phone, with simple cut and paste and timeline controls (think a mini iMovie light. I emphasize “mini” and “light”)
  • Video captured by the iPhone can be uploaded to YouTube, Viemo, and many other video sites; images can be sent directly to Flickr, and other popular photo sites
  • Application developers will have access to a new video API so their applications will be able to use captured video (and I assume actually capture it using the camera)
  • The iPhone3G[s] adds voice controls – just hold down the home button for 2 secs and speak something like “Call Scott Jones” or “what song is playing”.
  • The voice controls will be available to application developers via an SDK from YAP, makes of this technology for all sorts of smart phone devices: http://is.gd/T75C
  • The new iPhone finally offers data encryption
  • The new iPhone will include the Nike+ software out of the box
  • The new iPhone has better battery life, offering a 9hr surfing time or 5hr talk time
  • Apple has made the new iPhone GREEN. By that I mean it sports GREEN an arsenic-free glass, is BRF-free, and a mercury-free LCD
  • The ne iPhone 3Gs will be offered in White or Black at a price of $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and will be on sale JUNE 19
  • The existing 8GB iPhone 3G will remain on sale for $99 starting June 19

Well, almost famous, and only to a specific community, and … duh! Well, you’ll get the idea.

As many of you know, today is the release of Apple’s iPhone 2.0 as it were. As I write this, I am reading posts from my Twitter buddies who are eagerly standing in line at various Apple stores all around the area waiting to get their hands on this latest model. One of the big deals with the new iPhone is that Apple finally opened up the code to allow outside developers to write their own applications and sell them to iPhone users via the iTunes online store front. This is BIG for Apple and iPhone (and sadly AT&T). Yesterday, many of us discovered that Apple went ahead and opened up the iTunes App Store that has all the cool new applications that you can buy for this phone.

The genius boys over at the Iconfactory already had an incredible little desktop application called Twitterrific that connects to your Twitter account (if you don’t know I’ll have to explain that one in another post) and allows you to send updates. It’s awesome and as far as I know the preferred desktop Twitterrific app for Mac users. Being the bright guys that they are, the Iconfactory team jumped on Apple’s band wagon and made their awesome little program run on the iPhone. A few weeks ago, as they were preparing to launch the software they sent out a tweet asking for people to say something clever on Twitter so they could include it in the screenshot that appears with the product. To skip to the chase here, my tweet made the shot and since my icon is a posterized version of a picture of me, my face is now in the product shot. This is the first shot you see when you go into the app store to purchase and download the app. I have received a slew of Tweets yesterday about it and I’m sort of excited about it. Thx Iconfactory! .