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Adobe Browser Lab logo

Adobe just launched a cool new Flex based product called BrowserLab (formerly meer meer). BrowserLab (http://browserlab.adobe.com) is a Flex application that allows you to load a web page in a variety of popular Web browsers. You can load them in a side by side view, but my favorite is the onion skin mode which overlays one browser version on top of another. Another sweet feature is that this tool is FREE! It only requires you to have an Adobe user account.

Screen shot

I did notice, while on my Mac, that IE 7 WinXP took a lot longer to generate than the others. I assume this is just an early issue that will be addressed soon. There is also an area to load other browser definitions. I haven’t looked into that much, but I hope that means that Adobe will publish some spec on how to load non-standard browser definitions into the application.

This is an amazing tool and I can’t believe it took this long to have this resource available to the mass populous (again for FREE!!). Thank you Adobe! You can also get product updates by following the BrowserLab Twitter page.

PS – I love the logo too! Very clever. I’ll be on the look out for a sticker and/or T-shirt with this one!

Flash and Flex Developers' MagazineIf you’re into developing for Flash, Flex or AIR you have to check out this magazine. The Flash & Flex Developer’s magazine is chocked full of technical articles and tutorials that will get your mind cooking on some new F/F development.

The latest issue has some great stuff inside including an article for developers new to Flex and some really neat tutorials with using Yahoo! Maps in Flex

I have been picking up issues for a bit now, and I have yet to be disappointed. Check it out for yourself at: http://www.ffdmag.com/

Adobe XDNot sure when this was announced, but following a tweet from Rich Tretola (@richtretola), I found Adobe INSPIRE, described as “a publication from the Adobe Experience Design team.” It’s a pretty neat Flex based e-zine deal that talks about all sorts of next step RIA work Adobe is working on.  The topics are similar to the RIA Buzz newsletter that they send out. One article to check out is the on on multitouch interface technology mashed up with Flex. Very cool stuff.


Adobe FlexIn an Adobe AIR app I am working on, I need to programmatically disable / enable a items in a menuBar component, based on Internet connection status. I already have a function that listens for changes in the online status and updates a global variable when it changes, so I know when I loose an Internet connection. Now, I just need to change the disable / enable properties in my menuBar. After several tries, I figured out what I needed to do.

First here is my setup:

In my main MXML file, I have the actual Flex MenuBar component with properties. That line of code looks lke:
<mx:MenuBar x=”0″ y=”0″ id=”cbMainMenu” labelField=”@label” showRoot=”false” width=”100%” buttonMode=”true” dataProvider=”/assets/menu.xml” />

The dataProvider is an XML file that looks like:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<menuitem label=”File”>
<submenuitem label=”Quit” enabled=”true” />

<menuitem label=”Help”>
<submenuitem label=”Online Help” enabled=”true” />
<submenuitem label=”Contact Support” enabled=”true” />

In my project, anytime I detect a change in Internet status, I want to set the “Contact Support” option to disabled/enabled.

So to get access to that here is the dot syntax:
cbMainMenu.dataprovider.source[0].menuitem[1].submenuitem[1].@enabled = false;

To break that down it’s:
+ cbMainMenu is my MenuBar component’s ID (change this to match yours)
+ dataProvider is the XML file I have pasted above
+ source[0] is a reference to the actual data in the dataProvider
+ now I just walk the XML tree, skipping the root node, with menuitem[1].submenuitem[1]. That gets the 2nd sub-menu item of the 2nd menu item (remember the count starts at zero)
+ Last is “@enabled” which is the enabled attribute (@). It could have just as easily been @label to change the text.