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Want to display the Apple command symbol in your HTML? Just use the following code in your HTML:

& # 8 9 8 4 ;

(Remove the spaces between the characters; I had to add them to display the code on the blog page)
When the browser loads your page that code gets translated into the ⌘ symbol.

Often by the time I am finished with a Web Project I have several unused images left over in my images directory. With Dreamweaver, getting rid of these leftovers is a simple task. Open the your site in Dreamweaver. From the “Site” menu, choose “Advanced” > “Recreate site cache” and let that run. Once it is finished, go back to the Site menu and choose “Check Links SIte Wide” (⌘ F8). This will check your site for broken links and more importantly orphaned files. When it’s done you will see a results panel. Select “Orphaned files” from the drop down menu and you should see a list of all the images that aren’t being used. Select them all and press the delete key to get rid of them. Problem solved.

Remember, if you have been uploading your site to a server during development, you’ll need to delete the server’s copy of the images folder and then upload your updated images folder that now has less files.