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Well, almost famous, and only to a specific community, and … duh! Well, you’ll get the idea.

As many of you know, today is the release of Apple’s iPhone 2.0 as it were. As I write this, I am reading posts from my Twitter buddies who are eagerly standing in line at various Apple stores all around the area waiting to get their hands on this latest model. One of the big deals with the new iPhone is that Apple finally opened up the code to allow outside developers to write their own applications and sell them to iPhone users via the iTunes online store front. This is BIG for Apple and iPhone (and sadly AT&T). Yesterday, many of us discovered that Apple went ahead and opened up the iTunes App Store that has all the cool new applications that you can buy for this phone.

The genius boys over at the Iconfactory already had an incredible little desktop application called Twitterrific that connects to your Twitter account (if you don’t know I’ll have to explain that one in another post) and allows you to send updates. It’s awesome and as far as I know the preferred desktop Twitterrific app for Mac users. Being the bright guys that they are, the Iconfactory team jumped on Apple’s band wagon and made their awesome little program run on the iPhone. A few weeks ago, as they were preparing to launch the software they sent out a tweet asking for people to say something clever on Twitter so they could include it in the screenshot that appears with the product. To skip to the chase here, my tweet made the shot and since my icon is a posterized version of a picture of me, my face is now in the product shot. This is the first shot you see when you go into the app store to purchase and download the app. I have received a slew of Tweets yesterday about it and I’m sort of excited about it. Thx Iconfactory! .

xScope Logo

The talented guys at the Iconfactory.com have teamed up again with the team at ARTIS software to release a new version of their cool web designer toolkit, xScope for Mac OS X. xScope 2.0 is a collection of 7 little tools that every interface designer needs in their tool box. Docked in the OS X menu bar the tools conquer common screen design tasks like measuring pixel dimensions, determining screen coordinates, magnifying the screen, picking colors and much more. In addition to upgrades to the existing tools, version 2.0 adds a cool new “Dimensions” tool that dynamically provides the width and height between ANY two visual elements you place its crosshairs between. The new version costs $26.95, or $10 upgrade for 1.0 owners. If you design anything web pages, or software or anything for the screen you have to check out this software.

The 7 tools as seen in the menu bar: xScope Menu bar

Twitter Logo

So I started Twittering again. Not sure why just did. If you’re not familiar, Twitter is sort of like an online one way chat system. You have groups of friends and you shoot out messages much like texting. You don’t really expect to get a reply back, but you can. What’s really neat about Twitter is that it has a really great API that you can use to make all sorts of apps. So I was using the desktop application Twitterrific from the Iconfactory to send my tweets out before. This time I decided to try an Adobe AIR based application. While there are MANY of them out there, I settled for now on Spaz from Funkatron. Its a light weight AIR app that uses the Twitter API to send messages out. Also, worth checking out is TweetStats.com. For free they will generate a little page of charts of how much you tweet. Here’s my page. Its all very geeky but sort of fun. Try it for yourself!