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Today I received the Adadis visor that I ordered using my MyCoke Rewards points.  I wanted to try this Coke points gimmick out to see if it really worked.  Although it does take a while to accumulate enough points to get something worth while it does work.  AND Coke ships pretty quickly.  My visor arrived in less than 5 days.

Although I do have to say that it was loose in a brown shipping box (no protective plastic bag or packing peanuts or anything).  Another thing I noticed is that the labeling that runs in the inside of the visor band is upside down. No one can see it, but it just made the visor seem a little like a reject item.  However, it does look nice otherwise and probably would have cost me $20 or more to buy it out right.  So I am continuing to collect points.  If I have the patience, I think I will go for something bigger, like the 5200 K2 snowboard they are offering.  Now that would rock!

A little reality check for you all, if I logged in the most points I could each day, that being 10 fridge pack codes at 10pts each, I could get 100pts per day. So thats 52 days minimum (just under 3 months) to earn enough points, and thats IF I purchased 10 fridge packs a day.  With those things running approx. $5 per pack, I would be spending $2,600 in Cokes!  And that’s just if I went the fridge pack rout.  So again, if you have Coke bottle caps with codes, or fridge pack codes (they are the digital numbers printed inside the tear away section of the box), please send them to me!  Thx.

So for those who know me you know I love to collect things.  This obsession lead me to start saving the MyCokeRewards points from Coke products in an effort to purchase a gift from the site.  I set my sites on an Adidas visor that looked pretty sweet.  It costs 268

points.After weeks of collecting points from drinks I purchased, begging friends for their Coke caps, and even stopping and taking caps from bottles thrown on the side of the road, I FINALLY have enough points.  So I made my selection last night and hopefully I will be wearing my new visor in 2-4 weeks.  Thanks to those of you who put up with me asking for caps.  I will still gladly take caps and log the codes in but for now it will just be on an as I drink Coke basis and not an obsessive manner. If you do decide to send me your cap codes, please email them directly to me at pmolaro@gmail.com (no blog posts with codes).

I just signed up for MyCokeRewards.com.  Now I don’t usually do this sort of thing.  Most of the time I feel like contests like this are a rip off.  You have to drink 500 bottles of soda to earn a cheap wrist band.The last time I signed up for one of these it was to collect Nascar codes (not I don’t like Nascar either!).  The idea was to drink as much Mountain Dew as you could so you could get each driver’s number in hopes of registering the number of a winning driver in some race series. I spent way too much money on soda that kept me awake and won nothing.  Plus I became “addicted” to the drink as I found myself tasting it in my mouth and need to stop and pick one up! I was 16, so what can I say. Any whoo, I had several coke bottles to recycle and saw all these caps, so I decided to check it out.  Its free to sign up.  You get 3 points per cap, and the prizes don’t suck!  Well almost.  I was hooked when I saw a cool black adidas visor on the homepage for 268 points.  They do have other higher pointed items (like a HD DVD player, soccer jersey, and Creature speakers).  However everything seemed reasonable.  So for now I am logging points in hopes of at least getting a visor. If you would like to help me get a that visor, I would appreciate it. You can email me codes from the caps of your coke products to pmolaro@gmail.com. Oh, send me what type of drink it came off of too.  They ask for that although it isn’t required.  Thanks!<br/><hr>